What is Wastemaster?

Put simply, Wastemaster specializes in helping businesses and property managers reduce their costs for waste disposal. This can be accomplished in many ways but the end result is the same for all of our customers, lower rates for trash disposal.
Wastemaster is not a waste hauling company. Think of us as a consultant powered by detailed knowledge of trash hauling market rates from dozens of waste haulers.

How does the cost saving process start?

It all starts with a recent invoice copy. Just scan and email or fax to our service representatives. Once we receive your data, we immediately enter it into our database and the analysis begins.

How much does it cost?

Once you send us your invoice and the data has been analyzed, Wastemaster will provide you with a summary report outlining the rates you are paying and compare them to a neighboring business or that conducts similar activities or a building of similar size and has the same dumpster size and pick up frequency.
The summary report is simply a notification that will detail one of two scenarios.
1. You have a very competitive trash hauling rate or
2. We believe market rates are lower than your rates

I’m not comfortable with sending my invoices to you. Is there another way?

No. Wastemaster is a database application that compares your rates to other businesses or buildings in the area. Without your invoice data, we have nothing to compare.

I’ve already got a contract with a waste hauler. How can Wastemaster make changes?

Remember our database is loaded with neighboring business waste hauling information. We have a unique ability to leverage this information and persuade waste companies to make changes that benefit you.

If I send you my invoice, am I obligated to use Wastemaster?

Once you send in your invoice you have no obligation to use Wastemaster. If you like what you see when we send the summary report and proposal, you have the option to sign a service agreement and start saving money.

How much does the average customer save and when do the savings begin?

The average customer saves approximately 10-40% and savings can begin on your next billing cycle.  Last year our average customer saved 26%!

Does Wastemaster guarantee my rates will be reduced?

If we send you a proposal with lower rates and you sign the Wastemaster service agreement, yes, it’s guaranteed. If you are not fully satisfied, Wastemaster will refund your money in full.

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