Waste contracts Fine Print and Invoice Microscope

Mark Lestina
May 4, 2016

For such a simple commodity, the waste industry can be very confusing at times. Between contract language, invoices, and fluctuating prices, it isn’t always clear exactly what your service level is or what you’re even being charged for. After reading […]

Wastemaster Truth Serum – How Garbage Companies Keep You in the Dark on Pricing

Mark Lestina
April 26, 2016

How would you feel if you found out your neighbor was paying less for the exact same service from the exact same company? How would you feel if it was 5% less than what you paid? 15% less? 37% less […]

Wastemaster Waste Resource Management APRIL 2016

Mark Lestina
April 12, 2016

Top stories in this newsletter Trash problems: Recycling in crisis Dividing trash to be recycled has become a way of life for Americans. More than 34 percent of garbage is recycled, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), a gain […]

Waste Resource Management – FEBRUARY 2016

Mark Lestina
February 3, 2016

Top stories in this newsletter New Chicago Composting Ordinance Helps Urban Farmers The ordinance creates two new categories of composters: large scale urban farms, and tier two facilities, like community gardens. After registering with the city, these agricultural organizations can […]

Waste Resource Management – JANUARY 2016

Mark Lestina
January 8, 2016

Top stories in this newsletter Why most Americans find recycling confusing The U.S. recycling industry has done a fine job of placing a recycling bin within a plastic-bottle’s toss of most consumers. In 2014, 96% of consumers had access to […]

How do you stuff a Christmas tree into a garbage can?

Mark Lestina
January 6, 2016

Click here to find an alternative to simply throwing your Christmas tree into the alley or the garbage can.

Waste Resource Management Newsletter – DEC 2015

Mark Lestina
December 9, 2015

Top stories in this newsletter Could food waste reduction goals backfire on the industry? The fight against food waste is a battle that will take many years to combat, with a slew of obstacles along the way. As the EPA […]

Waste Resource Newsletter – November 2015

Mark Lestina
November 5, 2015

Top stories in this newsletter Tim Hortons, Starbucks recycling claims may be garbage Canada’s largest coffee chains are misleading customers about what happens to cups collected in their in-store recycling bins. A CBC Marketplace investigation reveals that many paper cups […]

Waste Resource Newsletter – October 2015

Mark Lestina
October 7, 2015

Top stories in this newsletter OSHA cites Plainfield recycling company for 26 health violations A Plainfield recycling firm faces $114,800 in fines and 26 violations after an OSHA inspection found workers were exposed to high airborne concentrations of lead and […]

Chicago Department of Streets and Sanitation Multi-Unit Residential Refuse and Recycling Collection Form

Mark Lestina
July 31, 2015

Chicago City Council Eliminates “Grandfathered Clause” For those property owners who are now looking for a private waste hauler, let us help!  First, according to the City of Chicago Dep. of Streets and Sanitation (DSS), you must fill out the […]

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