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Why most Americans find recycling confusing

The U.S. recycling industry has done a fine job of placing a recycling bin within a plastic-bottle’s toss of most
consumers. In 2014, 96% of consumers had access to paper and paperboard recycling, up from 87% in 2010. As for
plastics, 94% have access to recycling and 40% to other types of plastics. And glass and aluminum cans were
commonly picked up curbside.

Recycling in Chicago: No More Plastic Bags, Says City

Starting Jan. 1, items placed in the city’s blue recycling carts must be loose. That means no plastic bags. “When you
have bags, haulers don’t see what’s inside. They don’t see if there are non-recyclables in the cart,” said Jennifer
Martinez, spokeswoman for the city of Chicago Streets and Sanitation Department.

6 Waste and Recycling trends to watch in 2016, as predicted by experts

As we prepare to move into 2016, the solid waste management industry faces ongoing and new challenges to shape
how companies do business. From the push to landfill less and reuse more, to the resulting economic toll of plummeting
values of surplus recyclable, haulers, recyclers, and landfill operators are finding new ways to thrive.

Recycling Christmas Trees in Chicago

Want to make sure your Christmas tree doesn’t end up in the landfill? Check out this interactive map to find the closest
drop off station:
Where to Recycle Christmas Trees